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We like to think of Indian Style Pizza as a point where Italian and Indian taste buds meet to form a single masterpiece. "The Indian style basically comes from Taste of India, with the addition of Ginger, garlic, coriander, and green chilli, whereas pizza comes from Italian lands." The ginger, garlic, coriander, and green chilli ingredients, along with exotic Indian spices, provide an unforgettable and delightful taste.

Inspired by this age-old recipe for rich taste, at Pizza Xpress we have created our own version of a one-of-a-kind Indian Style Pizza loaded with the best seasoning and vegetables for veggie lovers. If unique spices and flavours light a fire in your soul, then this pizza will surely become your favorite.

Although other Tandoori dishes have been created throughout India's history, the Indian Style Pizza is a one-of-a-kind creation fresh from the ovens of Pizza Xpress. Here are a few facts that make the distinctive Indian Style Pizza a must-try for any pizza fan:

  1. Indian Style Pizza tastes so amazing because we utilise fresh vegetables and authentic spices.
  2. The ideal combination of spices and cheese makes this vegetarian pizza an excellent choice for both vegetarians and meat eaters.
  3. Our Indian-style pizzas are ready in a matter of minutes. As a result, we save you time by offering the quickest produced vegetable and Tandoori meat-loaded pizzas.
  4. Our exotic pizzas are reasonably priced, so you receive the best pizzas without breaking the bank. We also enjoy surprising our pizza customers with incredible combos and surprises.
  5. We deliver pizzas while paying close attention to social distancing and sanitization.
  6. Food monotony is a significant offence because it not only harms your taste senses but also has a negative impact on your emotions. So, every now and then, break away from the norm and treat yourself to one of our distinctive pizza varieties.
  7. We also provide Tandoori and Tikka meals, as well as Indian Style Wings, Soya Chaap, and Meatless alternatives.

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Pizza Xpress is ushering a new era of unprecedent growth aiming to become the top Pizza Brand making INDIAN STYLE PIZZA and TIKKA items In Canada.

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